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Introducing Point105-AR Technology Solutions

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We are excited to announce Point105-AR technology solutions. Point105-AR’s mission is to help businesses build magical Augmented Reality experiences that are delightful, fun (even eccentric), and intuitive.Over the last 2 years, we have been developing our reference app, MaskUp. Our app has been downloaded more than 70K times on iOS and Android, and users engage with the app for more than 4.5 minutes each day on average with our novel AR experiences.¬†We were one of the first partners to launch effects in Facebook AR Studio (Read about our launch here). One of our effects, Turban Mania, has over 12 million uses across the world.


Point105 Augmented Reality


Users love Augmented Reality experiences

The user engagement with our AR effects has been beyond our expectations and with the numbers we are seeing, we believe that AR is now ready for prime-time user experiences across all possible domains: e-commerce, entertainment, communication, industrial and manufacturing systems, training solutions, education and others.

Moreover, four major technology players are putting their weight behind AR and have launched platforms in the past few months: Apple launching ARKit, Google launching ARCore, Facebook launching ARStudio, and Snapchat launching Lens Studio. The potential reach for AR is now extremely compelling, and users absolutely love AR for its engaging experiences.


Technical expertise to create Augmented Reality experiences

The skillset required to create in AR is very different from traditional technology like building apps or building websites. Creating good quality AR experiences requires expertise in Computer Vision, 3D modelling and Computer graphics, three typically diverse skills in the market today. We believe that, with our expertise in these fields, we can help many businesses accelerate their AR goals and help them get to market much faster than they would otherwise with traditional development.

0.105 radians ~= 6 degrees (of freedom)

In a non-AR world objects are not like in real life. If you try to move around to see the back of an object shown on your smartphone, you cannot. The object just follows you. AR allows you to explore objects a lot more intuitively by being able to move objects, rotating them, and moving them. Computer interfaces that use AR imitate the real world a lot more than traditional interfaces.

In scientific terms, objects are empowered with 6 degrees of freedom or commonly known as 6DOF in the AR world. Our company name, Point105-AR, is a play on this concept and our mission is to create magical experiences that endows 3d virtual objects with 6 degrees of freedom in the AR world.


Point105-AR Cloud

Point105 AR Cloud

Let’s go through the various stages of building high quality AR experience.

  • Low poly models: For each product that you want to display as part of an AR experience, you need to create a 3D model that is optimised for smartphones. 3D artists can take in CAD models or Product images and create 3D models that have a very low size, also known as low-poly models. It is important to look out for good quality low poly 3D modelling artists or designers.
  • Material configuration: Each model needs to be configured with a material so it looks like the intended object and these materials have certain properties. The configurations might need to be different across various platforms. Newer workflows to creating workflows include a technique called Physically based Rendering (also, PBR).
  • Model formatting: Each model needs to be converted to a compatible format and optimised for network delivery for each platform (SceneKit and Unity in our case). Please look at our glTF and USDZ formatting service.
  • Cloud serving: Hosting models in a public cloud along with material configuration, so they are optimised for fast delivery to where the user is. Formatting in glTF and USDZ allows you to configure models at runtime seamlessly and easily.
  • SDK: glTF and USDZ formats seamlessly work with many frameworks such as ARCore, ARKit, WebGL frameworks and other AR/VR frameworks.


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