Example V-Ray to glTF and USDZ for 3DS Max

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This post gives you an example V-Ray to glTF and USDZ model conversion on 3DS Max.

Example V-Ray to glTF and USDZ

Here is the V-Ray render of a chair model on 3DS Max.

mc vray render
A V-Ray render of a chair on 3DS Max

This chair can now be easily converted to glTF and USDZ models using our procedure for conversion described in our webpage here.


All files for this example can be download from our Github repository:


Example steps for preparing FBX file

A few modifications required based on our recommendations is to bake Color Corrections as well as Tiled textures. In this example, one of the textures is tiled. Note the Tiling 3.0 for the following Diffuse Map.

v-ray tiling
Tiling in V-Ray texture

This texture contains Color Correction. Notice that the Saturation has been altered.

v-ray color correct
Color correction example in V-Ray


In both these cases, you will need to Bake these changes into a new texture and then export a binary FBX with embedded media.

Get glTF and USDZ

Upload the FBX file to our service at https://app.point105ar.com and we will generate the glTF and USDZ files that you can download.

The below GIF shows an example output from V-Ray shown in AR Quick Look using the USDZ files generated using Point105-AR service.

mc chair usdz
AR Quick Look of USDZ from Point105-AR