Point105-AR's mission is to help businesses build magical Augmented Reality experiences that are delightful, fun (even eccentric), and intuitive.

With the launch of ARKit, ARCore, Facebook AR Studio and Snapchat Lens Studio, the business opportunity for developing AR experiences is massive. However, the skills required for developing AR experiences are very different from web or app development skills. AR relies on three core technology blocks: Computer Vision, 3D modelling and Computer Graphics.

Point105-AR is the result of a 2 year effort, developing engaging Augmented Reality experiences on our reference app MaskUp. We deeply understand the challenges in creating high quality experiences that work on smartphones and have built systems and technology that solve many problems. We believe that many businesses around the world will benefit from this platform to accelerate their AR plans and delight their customers.

0.105 radians ~= 6 degrees (of freedom)

AR allows you to explore objects a lot more intuitively by being able to move objects, rotating them, and moving them. Computer interfaces that use AR imitate the real world a lot more than traditional interfaces.

In scientific terms, objects are empowered with 6 degrees of freedom or commonly known as 6DOF in the AR world. Our company name, Point105, is a play on this concept and our mission is to create magical experiences that endows 3d virtual objects with 6 degrees of freedom in the AR world.



Jai Ramamirtham

CEO & Cofounder



Jai is responsible for the overall business strategy and execution.

Prior to Point105, Jai worked on a children's creativity focused iPad app called Makesto, that has been well received and is being used by many children and schools. He is an ex-Google, ex-Yahoo software engineer where he worked on several large scale problems. He has been the recipient of several awards in his career, including the YouRock! award in Yahoo! as well as two Central Bell Labs Teamwork Awards. During his spare time, he plays golf, basketball and dabbles in music.

Jai has a D.Sc. in Computer Science from Washington University in St. Louis and B.Tech. from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.


Pradnya Karbhari

CTO & Cofounder



Pradnya is responsible for overall technology innovation and engineering execution.

She is a senior ex-Googler with a Google Founder’s award for her work on Keyword Planner. She is a passionate Women in Technology advocate. While at Google, she was GWE-India chairperson for 2 years, helped evaluate applications for GWE-India awards, and was judge of WeTech program organized by IIE. She strongly believes that every child, regardless of background, should get an education, and volunteers for Vibha (http://vibha.org), in her spare time. She is a fitness enthusiast and enjoys outdoor activities like hiking, birding, running.

Pradnya has a PhD in Computer Science from Georgia Tech and B.E. from VJTI, Mumbai.