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3D Room Design

3D room design allows users to visualize a room using multiple pieces of furniture of their choice. This makes it fun and engaging for users. For retailers, the average transaction value increases significantly. Point105-AR technology helps create high-quality 3D content for individual pieces. We have been working on creating a high quality experience for 3D room design using glTF and USDZ files.

Daylight 3D Room Design
Screenshot of 3D Room Design in daylight
Evening 3D Room Design
Screenshot of 3D Room Design in evening lights

3D Room Design with lighting conditions

The easiest 3D room design experience is to position pieces of furniture in a room and present this to users. However, in our tests, users immediately recognize that these are fake and doesn't lead to an engaging experience.

Adding lighting and shadows induced by lights as well as high quality materials result in significant enhancement of user experience. The images above show identical 3D Room Designs in two lighting conditions: daylight streaming from a window and an evening warm lighting setup. In our tests, users resonate with these experiences that are closer to reality.

Here are the 3D model-viewer views of both the daylight as well as the evening room design. Do try out the AR experiences for these as well!


Example 3D Room Design in Daylight


Example 3D Room Design in Warm Evening Lights