Point105-AR Augmented Reality Technology

3D modelling

Having high quality 3D models is the most critical part of creating magical Augmented Reality experiences. Our expert 3D artists craft the best 3D models that are optimised for AR.

AR Cloud

It is challenging to develop AR experiences that work seamlessly across many platforms. Our AR Cloud solves several problems that makes it easy.

Apps and SDKs

We provide easy deployments through a white label app and Facebook AR Studio effects, as well as programmer SDKs that can be embedded into your existing apps.

Reference Projects

MaskUp App

Our reference app with fun and novel AR experiences and games. More than 70,000 installs across Android and iOS with people spending more than 4 minutes per day on average. We have implementations for Try&Buy experiences for Sunglasses and Hats.

Download the app here.

Facebook AR Studio

We have been a very early partner of Facebook AR Studio and our effects have been used more than 14 million times by users across the world since we launched our effects. The platform provides an exciting medium to engage with your customers with inherent potential for viral distribution. We are able to format and create these effects with 3D models.

Check out our Facebook Camera Effects here.

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